How do I get my images from my camera online for others to see?

Do you have AOL?? If so here is the easy step by step for uploading images to your AOL space. You will learn how to load them to your AOL space then link to them from there for message board posts.

key word my ftp
click see my ftp space
FTP means File Transfer Protocol
click the UPLOAD button
the binary choice should be selected if not select it
type in the file name of the 1st picture (call it pic1.gif or pic1.jpg You need to know what file format it was saved in. If it came from your digital camera it should be .jpg
now browse your PC to find the image you want
now SEND
When you get "files done", OK then CANCEL
now look there it should be listed as pic1.jpg (or whatever you called it
Each image MUST have a unique name
in the message board post, the IMAGE URL box, you'll type.. replacing nailgodess with YOUR USER/SCREEN name and PIC1.JPG with the picture file name you typed in at the beginning
thats it!

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