How do I decide if a mail should be sent public to the mailing list or private?

It is sometimes too easy to simply click reply and type away. Some consideration of the 300+ other people on the list must be thought about. Some of these people DO NOT have the capability to read and reply off line. Some pay for every post; in-coming and out-going. There is sometimes a fine line between making a public post or a private one.. and whether not to reply at all.. these guidelines should help you!

You read a post and wish to reply. You have to make an executive decision as to whether or not it would be appropriate for this reply post to be seen by every one of the people on the list or if it should be sent privately to that one person.

  1. There is NO REASON to answer every post that comes through to the list.
  2. If your comment to a post is simply "Yea, That's a great idea!", PLEASE do NOT post it.
  3. If the response you wish to make is VERY location specific, send it private.
  4. NEVER post someone's personal information to the list! Not a phone number nor an address. This should be sent private. Company phone numbers and addresses are OK, but that's it.
  5. Read over your post BEFORE sending it to make sure it contains all the info you wish to say. Spell check if you have the ability, THEN SEND.
  6. Read your mail off line if you have the capabilities. Read ALL of today's posts, THEN go back and reply. Just the exact thing you wanted to say may have already been posted. Only reply if you have a new contribution to the list.
  7. Try to resist posting to the list about 'how to post to the list'. I will take care of it! (not to sound pompous here, but I do take care of it!)
  8. If there are several posts on the same subject, make one consolidated reply to the list, NOT three separate replies saying the same thing different ways.
  9. When quoting REMOVE the non-pertinent lines. The longer the post, the longer it takes to send and receive.
  10. Do not post replies to the list that say "I will have so & so contact you about this'. These should be made private or not at all. Let so & so make the contribution or private post.
  11. Do not post any 'Yes, I'd like to know the answer to that question also".
  12. If the post specifically requests replying private, Please take the time to do so. If your response would contribute information to the list, then CC to the original poster.
  13. There is no need to CC your reply to a person who is already on the list. They will get your reply through the list!
  14. If you have a question about reading, replying or quoting to the list or any question related to the operation of the list, please post private to me. My address is at the bottom of EVERY post to the list.
  15. Have patience for the occasional duplicate or stray post. It happens..
  16. Have patience for the Newbies, we all had to learn this sometime.

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