Are there specific rules for Mailing List or Message board 'Netiquette?

  1. Save the Welcome message or the most recent Weekly Info post - this has many pieces of important information you made need to contact the list owner. Follow the rules set down by the owner of the list.
  2. Questions about the list operations should be sent directly to the list owner. This person’s E-Mail address will be in the Welcome message at the bottom of every post to the list and in the Weekly Info post to the list.
  3. When you join a mailing list, monitor the list for several days (or posts if you do not check your mail daily) to get the feel of the list. Keep your posts to the list relevant to the list’s topic.
  4. Test posts are O.K., but only one please.
  5. Never post personal information to the list (phone numbers or home addresses), yours or anyone else’s! NEVER send a post containing something that you would not want to see on this evening’s news...
  6. You should refrain from posting personal messages to the list (for example: Mary, Please call me. Debbie)
  7. Never promote a product or service that you sell on the list unless you have permission from the owner of the list.
  8. Post directly to author for personal replies that should not be broadcast to the list.
  9. Hold your desire to reply to a question, until you are sure no one else has already answered the question correctly. If you have something else to add, or a different point of view, then go ahead and post it!
  10. Quoting in your reply is best way to make sure your response makes sense to all the other readers.. Some people do not check their mail daily and when they see a post that says, ‘Yes I agree, that’s the best way to do that.’, the reader may have no idea what you are agreeing to! When quoting, take the time to delete all unneeded lines to keep your post as short as possible.
  11. Do not reply to an off-topic post by replying back to the list, but rather reply directly to the author.
  12. Change the Subject line when the old subject is no longer fitting to your post.
  13. Keep in mind several people on the list are from foreign countries and may not understand certain slang references that we here in the US take for granted.
  14. If your question requires responses to be sent directly to your E-Mail box, rather than to the list, please state this in your message and put your E-Mail address in the body of your post.
  15. Being flamed (a sharp criticism posted to the list about something you said) is no fun. Think before you post. Read over you post before you send it. If you are angry, hold your out-going mail until you calm down and read it again before you send it.
  16. Sign your post, either use a ‘sig’ file if your E-Mail program has it or type your name and E-Mail address at the bottom of your message.
  18. Use ‘smilies’ when you wish to get a point of humor across. :) is happy :( is sad. In writing, humor and anger are had to convey, so :))) What you typed as humor, may come across as criticism.
  19. Use acronyms when appropriate (BTW = By The Way, IMHO = In My Humble Opinion, FYI = For Your Information).
  20. Be tolerant of Newbies’ posts that may lack certain ’Netiquette, remember you were once a Newbie yourself!

Lot’s of rules? You bet, but these etiquette rules need to be followed so you don’t get kicked off the mailing list or worse lose your Internet access altogether. Your posts are a direct reflection on you!

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