What is 'Netiquite?

‘Netiquette is a new twist on the word etiquette, the difference is that ‘Netiquette pertains to life on the Internet. ‘Netiquette in your Internet life is mostly a matter of common sense, no more than you would use in your everyday life. There are some excellent resources on the Net about ‘Netiquette, (the best I have found is The Net: User Guidelines and Netiquette by Arlene H. Rinaldi) but because we are Nail Techs who use computers and not Computer Pros who do nails, I will explain some of the more important principles here for you, especially as they pertain to E-Mail and mailing lists!

A Newbies’ lack of ‘Netiquette is tolerated for a while, but the veterans quickly become annoyed when ‘Netiquette is breached over & over again. On a mailing list it is very possible to have your name removed by the owner of the list for constant breaches of ‘Netiquette.

You can also see THIS PAGE for some additional information.

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