What are the "Terms of Use" for the Mailing List(s) @ Beautytech?

Any beauty professional can subscribe to the mailing list and participate, however, all our lists are Sponsored lists. Only companies who sponsor the list are permitted to post to the mailing lists as 'The Company'. This is standard practice on the Internet.

Advertising is not allowed on the net but for two exceptions, one being a WEB page, the other a mailing list. An Internet mailing list is owned by the person who started it and therefor (s)he may set the rules of allowing advertisements or not. Since running the list costs much time and money, it was decided that sponsorship from the industry would make the list more feasible. If your company would be interested in sponsoring the list, we would be happy to send over the information!

Typical topics for discussion would be:
Ideas for monthly specials in the salon
Favorable - unfavorable comments concerning nail products
Allergic reactions to nail and nail related products
Favorable - unfavorable comments concerning hair products
Allergic reactions to hair and hair related products
Ideas for monthly specials in the salon
Employee concerns
Salon Managements Software Attachments - Do not post to the group with attachments, no matter if it is an image, a background, stationary, or the vCard that Netscape uses (VFC file).

Quick list of rules/Guidelines:

Don't be to worried about doing something wrong, we all had to learn sometime!

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