I think I got a virus from one of the BeautyTech Message Boards.

You did not get it FROM the Message Boards @ BeautyTech, but someone who is infected that is reading the posts to the boards might have sent you that virus mail. We estimate over 1000 people read at least one of the boards @ BeautyTech daily.

All the REPLY notification mails are FORCED into plain text, and sent straight from the web server which has a very powerful virus protection program running 24/7. There will NEVER be an attachment sent with a REPLY notification.

Let's say you post a NEW or REPLY message to the boards, and a person who is infected opens the web page for your post to read it. There are many virii now that scan every web page the infected person goes to, looking for email addresses. It will snatch your address from the page and send you a virus, the FROM address in the virus mail will probably be FORGED with another address found in the infected persons address book, IN OUT TRASH or other email folders.

Or you make a REPLY post to the boards, AND the original poster was infected AND they checked the box to get a reply notice, your email is now in their MS Outlook and you could get a virus. The infected recipient reads it, then deletes it or stores it in another folder on their computer.. some virii search all the folders in the MS Outlook for addresses and sends itself to all of them, forging the FROM address using another address found in the infected person's IN OUT TRASH or any other email folders.

The message board digest mails are sent directly from the server in plain text. It MAY come as an attachment but will be clearly noted as a .TXT file. Since the web server the mail is coming from has virus protection on it, there is ZERO chance of that mail being infected.

*YOU* need to protect YOU :-) by NOT opening any attachment unless you are POSITIVE you know what it is and not just say "wow thats from Debbie it must be safe".

If you think you got infected and or want to know how to protect your computer from virii, please see:

This FAQ question

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