I think I got a virus from one of the BeautyTech mailing lists hosted by Google-Groups.

You did not get it from the mailing list. Google runs a very strong Virus filer on Groups mails.

Understand that every post to the list is emailed to every subscriber on the list, that could be 250 to over 700 people depending on which list you are on.

BUT... lets say YOU post to the list.. and another list subscriber who is infected gets it, reads it then deletes it or stores it in another folder on their computer.. some virii search all the folders in the MS Outlook for addresses and sends itself to all of them, forging the FROM address using another one address found in the same folders.

So it IS possible someone on the mailing list is infected and you MIGHT get a virus mail from them. The keyword here being MIGHT.

*YOU* need to protect YOU :-) by NOT opening any attachment unless you are POSITIVE you know what it is and not just say "wow thats from Debbie it must be safe".

If you think you got infected and or want to know how to protect your computer from virii, please see:

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