How do I put a picture in my post?

That very much depends on where the picture is!

If the picture resides on one of the free web page services they will not allow you to display it on the message board posts. You will need to LINK to the page the image is on.

If the picture is on your domain or another web hosting place, then you need to type in the FULL address of the picture including the http://www part into the body of the post. When someone clicks that, it will open in a new window to be viewed

If the picture is not already on the internet then you need to get it there! Most Internet providers allow you space as part of your monthly fees. Check with your Internet Provider.

There is a new service available through MSN that gives you "Space". It is extremely easy to use. It allows you to upload iages, sort them into folders and open them for public viewing.

Once you set up YOUR space at MSN, upload images, set the preferences to allow it to be public viewable, you then just type the link in your post:[YOUR USER NAME AT MSN]
for instance my space @ MSN looks like:

AOL users should read the How To section of the forum about how to upload images to your AOL space and then link to the image as described above.

Another issue with this is the picture size.. MSN does resize your images automatically which is great.. but say for AOL it wont.. some cameras take HUGE pictures.. so lets learn quick basics on resizing also..

You need to open them in the editor that came with your camera or maybe built into the computer, generally it will be some derivative of photo-something or image-something for a name..

Open the photo with the program and find the RESIZE option..

For posting to the net generally you want to stay under maximum of 500 wide and/or under a maximum of 300 high.. .. you should be able to see the width and size in the resize screen and when you change one you will see the other change perspectively.. so play with that until it's a good size.. then very important here.. SAVE AS.. change the name.. give it a more descriptive name than what the camera gave it and make sure you are saving it in the right folder -- the name should NOT have spaces -> my new image.jpg wrong.. my-new-image.jog correct.. and then you are good to reupload it to your space.

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