do I get MSDS sheets for my products?

Contact your distributor first, next the manufacturer. You can also check the website for both your distributor and the manufacturer, many are now posting their MSDS sheets at their sites. If the MSDS sheets are not on their web site, call them directly and ask to have them sent to you by postal mail. An alternative is you should write a letter to the manufacturer stating which MSDS you want, making sure to include your work address and contact information. It should be on company letterhead if possible.

Chances are you will need the free Adobe Reader to view these, so if you have trouble opening the files, read this FAQ Question for more information.

Does my state require nail techs to have msds sheets on every product?
Yes, every state makes this requirement, it is usually an OSHA requirment, not exactly the state board.
Manufacturers are to provide you MSDS sheets on the products they sell for FREE.

You must have MSDS sheets on every product within the salon; products you use on clients and products that are used for disinfection, cleaning EVERYTHING!!
When you order products from your suppliers just ask them to include the MSDS with your order, if you make that a habit with new items ordered you'll always be ahead.

If you have product such as from Creative, OPI or many of the more readily recognized product companies - most have the sheets that can be downloaded and printed from their web sites or a online distributor that carries that line.

If you are still not sure WHERE or WHO to ask then look at your product for the manufacturer's info or phone # and call them.

It is really important for you to have these on hand, in order, easily accessible in the case of an emergency, and for some states whose inspectors are checking them.

If you have trouble you can remind the manufacturer they - have 30 days to reply. In extreme cases of non-cooperation you can advise that if you have not received the response within 45 days you will copy this letter along with a formal complaint letter to the local OSHA office.

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