My email address changed, how do I move my list subscription?

First you need to unsubscribe from the old address.

Click the special link at the bottom of any post to the list you have received. This link is formatted for you and you alone.

Next you need to subscribe from the NEW address.. go to one of these web pages and click the Subscribe link there.
Us this link to subscribe with your new address
Send an email to:

If you are on another list, change "nailtech" to: skintech

The subject line and body of the mail may be blank you. You may type something in there.. what ever pleases you :)
Now send that mail off.
Almost immediately you will receive a response.. a confirm notice.
The confirm notice is to protect you from someone else subscribing your to a list you do not want to be on.
Simply click reply then send it when you receive the confirm email.

That will do it.. You should be in business :)

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