I'm not seeing the latest posts on the message boards, what do I do now?

A few things could be happening..

1. You forgot to click the SECOND submit button onthe message preview page.

2. Your browser settings are set in a way that you must forcibly refresh the page. Most times you can just hit the REFRESH button or the F5 key on the keyboard.

3.You need to clear your "Cache" in the web browser. This should work for MS Internet Explorer, Netscape and AOL.

Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Internet Options

In the center you'll see
Temporary Internet Files
Click "Delete Files"
Check the "Delete all off-line content" then click "OK"

When thats done click the
"Settings" button next in the same section.
Choose the button that says "Automatically"
Slide the bar all the way to the left as far as it will go, reducing the amount of disk space temporary files use on your hard drive.. Microsoft says 10%, I say 1% or less, maximum of 10MB - you can simply type that in the box and be done :)
Click OK..

Now go back to the message board page.. it should load OK now.. if not hit the F5 key on the keyboard..

If that didn't work, try cloing all Internet Explorer windows and then try again.

If that didn;t work, try completely shutting down your computer and internet connection if you have cable or DSL, wait 5 minutes and start back up and try again.

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