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accept credit cards on cell phone?
Does anyone accept credit cards thru there cell phone? What company do you use? I have a android phone... I've also heard some companies have issues with the tip?
I use square to accept credit cards. There is no contract, and the fee is minimal. There is no issue with tipping, there is a tip button right on the screen. Clients can choose to have their receipt emailed or text messaged to them, or to have no receipt at all (which many of them do).
I use Square as well ;-)
I have an Android too and I use Square. My clients love it too
Marie A. Soto
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How long do you have to wait for the money to hit your account?
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I also use the square and its great. I do NOT use the tip function, I just tell them what the total is and what they would like to put on the card.

Takes just a day or two for the money to go in.
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I just had a dream last night that I was accepting credit card payments via my cell phone !
How many of you do this ?
What is your opinion ? Does it make things easier for you ?
I've been using Square since Dec. and I love it. I would say the money is in my acct. within 3 days. I usually get a notification via email that day and then another in a day or so telling me the amount deposited less the fee. I love not having to deal with any other machines or fees. Some weeks I use it alot, then I might go a month or more not taking a card. As long as you get a good signal on your smart phone, you should have no problems using it.
I use GoPayment by Intuit on my Android phone. I've been using this for a year and I love it! I decided to go with GoPayment because it's owned by Intuit, a very well know and reputable company. They created Quickbooks. Square is a start-up company so that turned me off.

*Credit card numbers are encrypted
*Money deposits in 2 business days. They don't hold your money.
*Intuit has some of the lowest rates in the industry.
*Intuit does not ship their readers to anyone, anywhere

They also give you an online account landing page to manage your account. Intuit organizes and post your month statements, and give you options for deposit notifications.
I have a thing thru my merchant services with my bank. And instead of a machine you call it in by phone. I pay $12 a month then 2.25 per trans. Ive been using it since march and so far my highest month was $50 but i did nearly $800 in cards. Its really convienient and i can use it from a land line as Well. Ask your bank and see what they have.
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