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Finally the Turkey and Leaves tutorial.
Please Please I ask kindly as last time it didnt seem to matter that I requested this. Give me some credit where it is due if YOU use my tutorials to create nail masterpieces and upload them online. My facebook link is below so I am easy to find and link too. I hope I do not come across replicas of my work without a link to my page! If I see work without credit this time I will make a comment under them saying so, and I will not do another public tutorial.
very cute and easy to follow Peggy!!
Ellen Torchia
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"A mind once stretched by the imagination never regains it's original form."
Oh man, wish I'd had that turkey sooner. I've got a client who loves stuff like that on her toes. I've got one I did on her last year, but I like your's better.

How 'bout Christmas, whatcha got for that??
Yae! Thanks Peggy! My cousin is going to freak when I do that turkey on her! Thanks sweetie!!!!!!!!!!!
I do need to work on Christmas. Santa and the elves will be a riot, as will some quirky trees and whatnot's. I will get busy on them and keep them a secret. If I find any of my work done without a nice thank you on Facebook I will email my Tutorials privately from now on.
Those are adorable! Good job!
Your tutorials and others who do them like this are so very helpful.

Thank you.
Thank you all very much. I love doing them. I was later than I wanted to be getting this done, but I have a hard time functioning with the loss of my Dog, I am trying so hard but its the worst thing I have ever been through.
Love the leaves! Thanx for the inspiration!
I like the leaves too. Big Grin the turkey is such a silly character I hope clients enjoy him.
I'm sorry for the loss of your dog, Peggy, I had no idea. I know how I'd be if I lost Pip, so my heart goes out to you..
I showed your leaves to a woman at my day job and she loves them! She is planning on coming in tomorrow for me to do them on her! I will definitely give you the credit you EARNED and DESERVE for the design though! Smile Shall I facebook tag you in them as well if I post them? I'd be more than happy to! You do such great things!
Shawna that is very sweet of you. I am not sure we can tag photos with a business page where its a like page only, if you can that would be awesome so I can see as well as all the viewers can see what you have done. Not only business for me but for you as well with people in your area looking at my page, Which is just growing now from tutorials.
If you cannot tag it, just stick a link in the description of the photo to my fb page, that way if others want to use it they know where to find it. Thank you so much for that.

Donna my Zepplin would have been 15 in a few weeks and he lived a happy 105 dog years. He hurt his foot we thought when he slipped on the hard floor, took him to the vet only to find out he was full of cancer and had internal bleeding. We had no notice, he never even showed signs of being ill. I just am so lost. The loss of my baby boy ( 75 lbs ) was more devastating that I could have imagined. We are getting a cube shelf to hold his little urn and a collage frame with his name and photo to be his place in our home. Makes me cry to type it.
Thank you for the kind words. Some will think, Sheesh it was just a dog, but to those who have them and love them, we know different. ♥
Quote:Some will think, Sheesh it was just a dog, but to those who have them and love them, we know different. ♥

Dogs are like family! They are living loving beings and some people don't get that... My 6 year old knows that Aiden, our Beagle, isn't her pet, he's her little brother!

I know it will take time to ease the loss, but don't ever forget the loss....
Our pets are definitely our babies. Especially to those like me who weren't fortuante to have kids of our own. My sister had to make the decision to put her 7 yr old cat down this week (while we were visiting my mom in the hospital, no less!). It was a rough week for sure!

I can only imagine what it was like to lose Zepp. He looks just like my sister's dog who we all love to death Big Grin They're such a sweet, loving breed. My heart goes out to you. xo
Yea his pics on my facebook crack me up and then make me cry. I swear his baby photo looks like we stuck him in the dryer on the fluff setting.
Thank you very much for the tutorial!!

I am so sorry to hear about your baby-boy.
I also have a baby(dog).

It makes me very sad to read this, also my heart is with you. xo
Sobeit, I lost my 18 year old cat in July, you don't need to tell me how bad it hurts. I know. Big hugs. Your designs are just awesome Smile
Laura Merzetti
CND Education Ambassador
Toronto, Ontario Canada
You guys are so amazing. Thank you very very much for the support on my baby boy and the art work.
Peggy, did the turkey today on my cousin. It was cute but not as cute and refined as yours. I have trouble outlining it so perfectly. Ugh! I need smaller, thinner brushes!!!!!
Or you need the nubar dual paint tip pen brush. Smile
Ok silly question, but is that just a brush... or is it the one with a brush when you uncap it and an open point where you can squeeze the paint out? I have some of those and the brushes in them are horrible.
Quote:ColleenNY :
> Ok silly question, but is that just a brush... or is it the one with a brush
> when you uncap it and an open point where you can squeeze the paint out? I
> have some of those and the brushes in them are horrible.
Yes those are them. I hardly ever use the brush, only if I want to stripe a line. I use the pin head end to squeeze a small amount and draw the outlines or scrolls. I also shake my bottle really well and I need to find a good way to clean the tip. The more you squeeze the thicker the line. I find that floating my line like you would with gel works for a really thin clean line.
When I posted pix of my mummy and gave Peggy credit, a link to her page popped up on the post in FB, so once you start typing, it takes care of itself.
Oh my goodness!! Your turkey made my morning, those eyes just crack me up :lol:
I am so sorry about your boy, my heart hurts for you.

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