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your fav wax?
Are all honey waxes the same? Do any work better than others? What do you use?
i dont like honey wax due to they seem to all want to be a higher heat wax, i use satin smooth due to the variety of wax and heaven knows we deal with a variety of skin
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I use honey wax from head to toe! I love it have no problems whatsoever!
I do use a hardwax for some people.
Which honey wax is your fav?
I think honey is the best at getting all the hairs, but it adheres to the skin as well. Creme waxes seem to be more gentle. Hard waxes even more gentle than that.
For me, the best wax, is made by Berins, Cirepil a very close second place. Both top notch waxes.

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I use a cream wax, I love satin smooth waxes, I do not like honey waxes I find they leave too much sticky residue on skin,
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Love the aloe vera satin smooth!
i was thinking of displaying new honey wax hair removal product at next trade show ( ) but need thoughts on the product. any good?
I used both honey wax and aleo vera wax.
Both are good but best id aloe vera wax.
I have just begun waxing and really enjoy it. In school we used Azulene Wax by GIGI. I noticed that no one mentioned that one. I will be purchasing a few cans later next week. What 3 would you guys suggests?
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I love chocolate flavored wax. It's basically the same good old regular wax, but the flavor is amazing Smile
Flavored wax....?
I started working at EWC. I am in love with that damn wax now!
NY Licensed Nail + Waxing Tech
Owner/Developer Suite Tee
Instagram: @SuiteTee
using hot wax fot the underarms, do u prefer to apply the wax against hair grows or to the direction they grow?
I absolutely do not like honey wax!!! It's awful for clients who have sensitive skin. I only use soft wax for arms, legs, chest and back. I use hard wax for everything else. My preferred hard wax is Berodin Blue by Eva's Esthetics and I use Plum Smooth and Clean and Easy soft waxes.

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My dad and i always use sexwax. it works great! but no matter what kind you use, wear a rashgaurd because i always get really raw from all of the rubbing against my board.
I am always use honey wax and i think honey wax is the best.
(12-26-2010, 05:34 AM)slh70 Wrote: For me, the best wax, is made by Berins, Cirepil a very close second place. Both top notch waxes.

HI! How do you melt your Cirepil??? And is it ok to use Jojoba oil as pre epilation?? thanks

I like Warm wax which is a type of honey wax that comes in a cream or honey consistency.
Chocolate wax is my favourite.

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