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*** Nail art demo video's at InterCHARM Ukraine ****
This time when we exhibited at the InterCHARM show in Kiev, I remembered to press the record button on the video as our Educators made nail art demos's on customers.

While you are watching the video's, take a look at the nail artists nails ;-)

If you want to see more of their work, take a look in the Gallery on our website.

Now the $99 question - if we brought our Educators to the US, who would want to come to a class? Drop me an email if you are interested and want us to keep you informed.
Iryna Giblett Nail Products Inc., Sweden
Beautiful work! And they have such beautiful nails!
Thank you for sharing the videos. They are beautiful. I just wish we could see the end product. I'd also love to see some step by step info as well. Smile

Gave me some good ideas.
Love Iryna's work, very beautiful and creative. In answer to your question, Bob, as much as I like your wife's work I live in a very conservative area of the country and feel there wouldn't be much demand for this type of nail from my clients. Most of my clients are professional working women who wear french or just one color of polish and wear them fairly short. I've tried!! They won't do glitter or any artwork, cept at Christmas. I do hope there is more of an interest from others in the country however.
Many thanks for the comments and suggestions! We are working on some new video's and these will be tutorials, rather than the show demo's you have seen.

Idonis, I hear you. When Iryna moved to Sweden 6 years ago there was only simple decoration here - for example a line of glitter paint on the free edge. So when she started to work at a salon here it didn't take long before she got pretty depressed that no-one wanted nail art. Swedes are very conservative and it's considered bad form to try to stand out and be different.

However, over time she did attract more open minded customers and her reputation grew such that some drove for 2 hours to visit her salon. Most of her customers still wanted French, but what we noticed is that although they wouldn't (or couldn't due to their job) wear nail art, they were fascinated by it and always asked to see Iryna's new designs, or photo's that had been chosen by one nail magazine or another. It became clear that many of them thought "if she can do that nail art, then she must be able to make great French". Actually, I don't agree with that statement entirely, but I would say that a good nail artist must be able to make excellent nail shapes as that is their canvas.

The consequence of all this understanding was we increased her French prices so that they were 30% higher than any local salon and in the three most expensive in Sweden. She didn't lose a single customer.

It is hard to make money with nail art. Many techs feel uncomfortable charging a fair price for their extra time and skill. But it is a wonderful marketing tool from our experience. Magazines are crying out for good nail art because it makes their magazines more attractive, and that exposure increases your recognition in the industry, and then your reputation.

Nail art isn't for everyone and I totally respect people who prefer not to do it.. But I wanted to tell you our story because we also had conservative customers, but at the end we found a way to make it work for us.
Iryna Giblett Nail Products Inc., Sweden
Very interesting story Bob. Thank you for sharing. Will give that some serious thought.

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