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bella lucce or cuccio?
Im trying to pick bella lucce or cuccio products for manicures and pedicures? I have tried some of the bella lucce but I haven't tried the cuccio. I would also like to retail some items. If you have any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks
I would like all advice with being a nail technician
Cuccio scrubs are VERY messy!! I can't stand how the salt flies everywhere! LOL

I just received some Keyano Aromatics products and love them so far!
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Not sure why but there are two different Cuccio scrubs. There is one that is a coarse salt and there is one that is finer and more like a scrub should be in my opinion. I made the mistake of getting the coarse one and yep dont care for it at all. BUT I love the finer one, especially the Milk and Honey. I get so many comments on it.
I use the cuccio milk and honey mask,cream,towel spray and it's really nice. I like them all, but am also not a fan of their scrub, I us a lavender scrub from rocky mountain skin company and my soak and callus remover are footlogix.
I worked at a spa that used Bella Luce and they were AWESOME products. I would leave the salon smelling like those wonderful products everyday. They're very moisturizing and they make the products when you order them. If I did more pedicures I would ABSOLUTELY use these products.
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I looked into Bella Lucce last year, and they had, in my opinion, pretty steep first order/reoccurring order minimum requirements.
I use the cuccio line and like it. I use the scrub and love it their mask, and its amazing. love there products. and the smell. Ialso retail them and they are a good price. I use the scrub in the pump bottle not the large salt scrub.
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If you are having trouble with the Cuccio Scrub, you are probably using too much. You only have to use a small amount. Try mixing a little in your hands and adding a little water before applying to the client, this works much better. You won't use too much product and you have better control.
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I primarily use the Young Nails Lomasi scrubs, but have recently expanded to the Cuccio line as well. As stated earlier, you use a small amount of the Cuccio coarser scrub (it's salt vs. sugar that is finer in other lines) and it works great! I love both lines, use both in services, and retail both.
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