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Blue glass Edge nails ***Tutorial*** (pics)
Hi girls, today I did my first edge nails and I decided to take pictures during the process to make it a little tutorial. I hope you like itSmile

[Image: DSC01369Small.jpg]

1. Prepare the nails
[Image: DSC01352Small.jpg]

2. Prepare forms (fold the center and the sides).
[Image: DSC01353Small.jpg]

3. Apply forms to all the nails.
[Image: DSC01354Small.jpg]
[Image: DSC01355Small.jpg]

4. Extend the nail beds with camouflage accrylic.
[Image: DSC01356Small.jpg]

5. Apply blue glass acrylic on the free edge (mix liquid with transparrent blue glass paint + clear acrylic powder).
[Image: DSC01357Small.jpg]

6. Apply a little silver glitter here and there.
[Image: DSC01359Small.jpg]

7. Cover the nails with clear acrilic and when it is dry shape the nails.
[Image: DSC01362Small.jpg]
[Image: DSC01363Small.jpg]

8. Using blue metalic paint make irregural circles around the silver glitter spots, and than using dotting tool or toothpick make white dots.
[Image: DSC01364Small.jpg]

9. Apply finishing UV gel or top coat.
[Image: DSC01369Small.jpg]

Enjoy and have fun when you decide to practise it.
What a great tutorial! Thank you 8)

And VERY pretty nails!


"Winners never quit and quitters never win"
Beautiful nails and great tutorial!
they are simply gorgeous!!!
Ellen Torchia
Owner Too Much Fun
President SB&S Graphics, Inc
Replicator Graphics

Former Top 10 Competitor

"A mind once stretched by the imagination never regains it's original form."
Those are beautiful... =]
Thanks girls, I appreciate your comments. Those are my first edge. I like to experiment so u can expect more tutorials.
great tut., and beautiful nails!
great edge nails, love the colors!
CND Master
young nails
light elegance
Very very pretty!
“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it may be necessary from time to time to give a stupid or misinformed beholder a black eye.” ~ Miss Piggy

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