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nailite gel video
Has anyone done any videos on how to apply nailite gels, I'm really at a loss in terms of it's 'runniness' as to how to apply it and I honestly gave up for months because I just couldn't take the frustration anymore of all the poor prep and application. (my fault and I just lost patience)

I just really want to see a video of someone applying the extra hard as well as the stylus gels both the thicker thick and regular so I can really see how to do it! I used to get heat spikes and then it would run onto the cuticle because I tried to do 5 fingers and I'm just at a loss at this point!

Is this how I should be applying and doing 1/2 fingers at a time?
This is just so different to applying when it's 'thicker' which is how I was thought and almost feels like it isn't 'gels' and I'm just painting polish! Is this right?

PLEASE help!
I sent Lisa with Nailite an e-mail to let her know you were needing help. Hopefully Mare can help you.
I've bothered poor Mare til the end of time! I think I really need to 'see' at this point! Sad Hopefully she can point me in the right direction if this video is what I should be watching.

Thank you! Smile
I would imagine that Mare doesn't mind. That is part of being an educator. Not everyone learns at the same rate. Wishing your the best!!
Have you watched their instructional dvd's? They are having a special on some, not sure what ones they are. Maybe that will help you if they are the right ones.
What gel are you using? Gentle Gel is a thinner viscosity, best used for overlay's not extensions. Stylus and Thicker Thick are better for building.
Mare Horak
National Director of Education
[email protected]
have extra hard, gentle, stylus and thicker thick. haven't used the stylus and thicker thick yet though.
hey kat....that video is a good one to show you how to flash the nails.
Thats what you should be doing anyhow. I never do all 5 nails at a time. Usually I do 2 at a time...flash...then next 2...flash..and thumb..and cure the full time.

You just have to make yourself use the gel so you can learn it. And its OK if you dont like it. If the one kind is too runny....move on to something else. Some of us like a thinner viscosity...some like thick. I personally like a little something in between. I use Light Elegance gels, and love them!.

But ya...dont be trying to do all five fingers at once. Youre setting yourself up for disaster. Do thin coats...flash..and then add more until you are satisfied. Take your time and learn how to manipulate each gel until you are confident with it...then when you are used to just might be able to do the 5 finger thing!!! SmileSmile

HTH sweetie...dont give up! You can do it!!
" Take be kind".....

Full Time single mom,
Medical Receptionist &
Part Time Nail Artist
Akron, OH
hey thanks! Smile

so then each layer too i don't have to do the full cure on it when it's that thin? glad i asked yes cause all of this is good to know lol!
I believe, and Tracy correct me if I am wrong, but what she was saying was do a flash cure (a few seconds) to set the gel so it won't run and then when done with applying gel to the hand do the full curing time for that hand after each layer
Use extra hard for a thin base coat . Cure 2 min .
Then use Thicker thick as a builder . It is really thick so it wont run in the cuticles .
I would also suggest do the building at one or two nail and then cure .
It is cured just enough not to move as you do other nails .
Then cure the whole hand 2 min to be sure it is fully cured .
I will do a video maybe if I have someone to help me make it , don't give up Smile
Sandra V.

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