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a new trend or what??
i came across this and thought i would share
The link is not working, at least not for me.
this is the fb profile that owns the is open to public so you may see of what i'm talking about.
i think this one will work.
The Halloween 2011 album = WOAH.

I really like how she paints the nails - you can tell she's very artsy!

Interesting share!
Wow, love the artwork and very creative. The shape is definitely out of the box!! TY for sharing.
As an artist of all mediums I can appreciate the photos. As a nail tech I don't think this style would ever suit my taste. It took a while but flare nails grew on me a little. Not enough to wear, but to appreciate. These I dunno. Thank you for sharing the link. Its amazing what kind of nails we have never come across.
sobeit i totally agree with is very extraordinary for my taste and my clients to follow but have to recognise i haven't seen anything like that since the edge nails.another one from the same artist is this

i would really love to see a tutorial for this eventhough i wouldn't dare to propose it!
Those are spectacular to look at, I imagine they get a ton of attention. These are what would be great in the nail art competitions.
The art work is something to admire. I just think of Freddy Krueger with those long pointed nails.
she has a tutorial in her fb profile but it is available for friends.if you wish to see it add her!i still didn't get it though of how she did it..

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