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Bonjour from Beautiful British Columbia!
Bonjour and Hello!

I am a new nail student from BC, Canada.

My interest in nails was never anything more than keeping them short so they wouldn't get in the way and painting them black to hide the dirt under my nails from the barn. I had a boyfriend with a nail fetish and he had me get french acrylics. I fell in LOVE with having nice nails and even after he and I broke it off, I still wanted my "pretty fingers". However, the town I was in had NO decent nail studios. I had gotten them done numerous times (and paid between $70 - $90 a set) and had NONE of them last overnight. It was so bad; they would be lifting before I left the salon.

I found out where everyone had gone to school and steered clear of those schools. I then did some research online and found what looked like the top school in my province. After asking around (and having three salon owners offer me jobs if I did choose to go there) I decided to go about the enrollment process.

Needless to say, I had my first class this past Monday! My instructor directed me to this site and I am VERY excited about the wealth of knowledge that is here. I am sure a lot of posts will make more sense after I have finished my training. I'm looking forward to becoming a nail professional, becoming part of this wonderful community, and starting a career in something I actually enjoy.

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