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OPI GelPolish Removal...
Ive used 'You dont know Jaques' and am completely in LOVE with this stuff. Soak off was less than 10 minutes and it completey lifted off the nail like shellac only more so!!
No filing, just soaked in acetone/cotton/foil!
Hmmmm I have been successfully using OPI Colorgel for a couple weeks now and find I really like it! I highly recommend investing in the plastic bags and use mitts along with it to hold the heat in and it helps the acetone work faster and more effectively. After reading the info Doug Schoon had put out about proper removal of SOG I now keep it on for 10 minutes and no less! Both the Shellac and the OPI I think soak off in the exact same amount of time. I find the OPI seems to soak off cleaner. No base coat residue at all! It has been wearing on my clients beautifully and I really like the color selection of the OPI. I love both Shellac and OPI equally and my clients have been very happy with the new color selection. The only thing I have noticed in terms of issues is my Malaga Wine has little black specks in it, which is usually cause from color not dissolving all the way, and my private jet has gotten a little thick after only a few uses. As far as pooling, I don't get what at all, and yes it does shrink off the tip a little but so does Shellac.
Gina, nail tech. NC
I've removed OPI gelcolor a few times with those foil remover wraps. I filed the top (not a lot, just enough to break the shine) and used acetone on the pads. It came off SO MUCH EASIER than OPI Axxium. With Axxium, soaking was almost pointless. I always ended up filing most of it off in the end. With OPI gelcolor, the polish usually comes off before 10 minutes. Sometimes I slide the foil off and there is nothing at all on the nail. At first I thought what the heck is this and discovered that it all came off and was sitting inside the foil in one piece. Covering the hands for heat does speed things up. The wraps are kind of expensive, but oh so convenient. I'm sure there is a more economical solution and don't say cotton balls in foil because I don't want those fibers anywhere near a gel polish app. I've wasted more time picking fuzzies out of gel polish than the time spent applying it. The pad inside the foils look basically like the pad on a band-aid. Too bad actual band-aids would probably just melt. Maybe the fabric ones would make it.
lizzie.. there is no need to 'break the shine' on the gel color... it soaks off like a dream.... it's only with the axxium sog that you need to 'break the seal'.. no need to file at all in application or removal... Smile
Kim K
Mom and Nail Tech
OPI Educator
(02-05-2012, 04:50 PM)kim k Wrote: lizzie.. there is no need to 'break the shine' on the gel color... it soaks off like a dream.... it's only with the axxium sog that you need to 'break the seal'.. no need to file at all in application or removal... Smile

Ooooo that's good to know! My initial expectation for gelcolor removal ease was so low, I didn't even consider not filing the top before soaking. At first we were having problems keeping it on a couple of ladies (hardcore nail biters), but a quick buff with the 240 Flex and even they could keep it on. Also, someone may have been using Bond-ex2 thinking it was bond-aid. Not me. My mani is still going strong after a week, I'll try the removal without filing next time. The hardest part so far is keeping the same design for the full 2 weeks. Haven't made it yet. I hope they release a yellow soon so I can mix a decent apple green/robin's egg blue. You can get an okay candy purple by mixing Yodel Me on my Cell, Alpine Snow, and Pompeii Purple.
280 Flex, my mistake.

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