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help with a topic!
Um, the act of seeping, leaching, or absorbing through tissue. It happens with pretty much anything. I am not listing off everything the body absorbs through the skin.
idonls :
> sobeit :
>> and it can leech into the nail plate or surrounding
>> tissue over time. Repeatedly doing this can cause issues.
> Asking where you got this information from? Curious to know!

I asked where you got the information, not what things leech. And if applied to the nail only how is it leeching into the skin. I am not arguing, I am asking for information to be informed. TY
Quote:anointdhndz :
> No i totally get it...but im just saying if she wants to mess around... let
> her!
> Thats the only way I found out that I could use regular polish w/ shellac top/base
> coat...
> Are we 'supposed' to do that? Of course not..but Im always
> experimenting... :wink:
> And believe me when i say...before alot of you guys started on here..the girls
> were doing it and raving about it..Im telling ya..thats prob how the gel polish
> came about in the first place..cuz everybody on here was experimenting with
> mixing polish into their gels.....
> But no biggie...Ok..heading to bed now....

I agree with you Tracy, I'm also always experimenting :wink: and all the nail techs that I know do that, even in school they were doing that too, and I remember those days you are talking about, when everybody was doing the same, of course all the companies want you to buy a especific product for everything, even if you already have it, no intent to offend or disagree with nobody. JMHO.
No where on the YN site does it say to mix regular polish with gel. However it does say that you can mix the YN ManiQ with ManiQ clear gel, to me there is a big difference as ManiQ polish is NOT regular polish.

It's not something I would risk using on my clients, maybe playing around on myself yes but no way near any clients.
By mixing any 2 chemicals that were not made to be mixed you are taking chances. Someone said, and they are quite right in my mind, just because you read it on the internet does not mean it is true. Young Nails, as well as a polish brand and I believe NUBAR does say it is OK to do.

That does not mean we should do it! The problem as I see it is the cure. While you may THINK it is properly cured, you (said as the collective - everyone here) and I both do not have the chemistry background to know 100% positive the product has properly cured. It may look and behave like it is properly cured, but can you be 100% sure? I do not think we can.

Over time using this mix could very possibly cause an allergic reaction on the client and on you as well.

Experimenting is how we are, we create shapes, designs, styles and all that, I am all for that and love to see everyone's creativity, it is very inspiring. However, again.. playing chemist is not our line of work or specialty. Personally I would not take the chance mixing polish and gel on a client.

Sorry Peggy I have to disagree here to a point. You said mixing 2 different brands - monomer & polymer - is not the same as mixing polish & gel. Technically that is still playing chemist. Yes we all do that every day, I do, you do, I do not know many techs who do not. Many are even mixing brands of base, color and top coats of the UVGP. Mixing is still opening one self up to issues of allergic reactions or worse. I have learned a lot over the past 2 years about the nature of the chemicals we work with and I just do not think it is safe to do so for some combinations - gel + polish is one. Heck I will even admit I have 2 different brands of gel on my own nails right now! One brand of soak off base and another brand of UVGP color topped with the soak off again for strength.

This type if mixing (monomer/polymer, different brands-base, top, color, primer, prep) I believe is far different and far less long term dangerous. But when you talk about mixing, polish with solvents, with gel with some of the same and some different solvents, you could be opening your self up for trouble. Even mixing polish with a gel+pigment type, you still cant say 100% that combination is curing properly.

If it does not cure properly the chemical, solvents, all that good stuff will be absorbed by the nail plate, into the soft tissue, and could have a detrimental long term effect.

I know that eco Soak Off UV Nail Polish can be mixed to create any color you want, as much as you want with no issues. Each of the color gels are the same base ingredient with pigments/glitter added, so the chemical base is not changing. Oh and I just posted today to the site, eco is now even more economical with the sizes all now 1/4oz (up from 1/8oz) for the SAME PRICE! I am working on a really sweet deal for Black Friday and will post that when I find out if I can do the deal I would like t!
Lorraine, webgirl
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It's perfectly fine to disagree. I didn't say it was a good practice though. I said I don't think it compares. Monomer and polymer combine to create the acrylic nail. It still "works" even if the brand isn't the same, maybe not perfectly, but it works with the other.
Gel and nail polish never go together, they never make anything. They are not sold to go into each other as a system where we are brand mixing. So I respectfully stand by my statement that brand mixing is not comparable to mixing two completely different products together.

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