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Women Empowering Opportunity in Skincare w Drs.Rodan&Fie
Attention Women Finding the Right Business Opportunity for You

by Natalia Yosco

For more than 10 years now, the majority of new businesses
started in the United States have been started by women. My
hunch is women aren't paid what they're worth in the workplace,
so many simply decide to start their own business. Being your
own boss means the sky is the limit. Your income is only
governed by how hard you want to work.

But not all business opportunities are created equal. I'm
convinced most are designed for men, with fewer created from the
ground up with women in mind.

Here are six things for women to look for when choosing a
business opportunity

1. Find a business that doesn't involve an expensive startup.
Most of us are managing households which simply devour money.
Coming up with a big cash investment isn't an option for the
majority of women. Fortunately, many of the very best business
opportunities require very little start-up cash. As the old
saying goes, you can start the business by saving just a little
from the grocery money.

2. Make SURE the business sells something. Businesses that ONLY
sell an opportunity are flimsy, illegal in most places, and won't
be around long. Still, it's surprising how many opportunities
are little more than an opportunity. The product is minimal,
hard to find, doesn't work, or doesn't exist.

3. The business should sell something you can feel enthusiastic
about. You should be proud to represent the products you sell.
If you don't feel that way, your business will never get off the

My business sells a very high quality line of next-generation
skin care products. I was knocked over when I first became aware
of these products. I couldn't wait to use them myself. And then,
when I saw how effective the products were, I couldn't wait to
build my business. That's the kind of love for your products that
you will need to make your opportunity really work.

4. Think about how you will market your business. What methods
will you use to advertise? Who will your best customers be?

I knew right away that I didn't have thousands to sink into
advertising. So I made sure I was selling products that were of
keen interest to other women I know. That way, I could market my
business simply by talking with my friends and helping them to
share my enthusiasm with their friends. My business really took
off without me having to spend a dime.

5. Your business needs to sell something that is RENEWABLE.
People only buy a vacuum cleaner a few times in a lifetime. But
they buy toothpaste at least once per month. Their purchase
RENEWS itself on a regular basis. Over the lifetime of the
customer, you will make a whole lot more money by selling
toothpaste. Selling renewable products is the key to keeping the
checks rolling in month after month and year after year.

6. Finally, sell a product that isn't in local stores. If your
customers can get the same item cheaper at Wal-Mart, they will.
Your products should have a special quality people value, a
quality that makes them different from similar products.

The skin care products I sell were developed by famous doctors
known worldwide for their revolutionary discoveries. For anyone
who wants better, younger looking skin, my products practically
sell themselves. There isn't anything in local stores that can

Keep your enthusiasm up and your hopes high. We live in the age
when millions of women are starting and succeeding in their own
businesses. You can be one of them!

Natalia Yosco offers a turnkey home-based business for women (and
men.) Her line of wildly popular skin care products were created
by the same famous doctors who developed Proactiv. For complete
details and to get started, see Natalia's
http// Reach her at [email protected]
cont Natalia 615-483-9184

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