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TEN problems need help asap!
i started using ten gel a while ago and im not so familiar with it yet.i follow all the instructions that i got though but i still have a new client of mine that did a rebalance on thurday called to say that has lifting at most of her nails. my steps were as usual.i did the cuticle work,scrubfresh and then 2 coats of linkage.then one coat of gel flash cured another one flash cured and cure for 2 min.apllied white brisa gel ,cured and one last coat of ten.flash cured and then cured for 2 min.then shaped the nail and applied diamond shine and finished. because of the heating my client was afraid to approach the lamp and this is the only thing i can think there anything else to consider?i have an appointment tomorrow to see what has happened and i need your help cause if it happens again im going to lose her Sad
Drop the scrubfresh... use alcohol or something else to deyhdrate the nail.. same thing happene to me, and it was the cause.. Why are you putting 2 coats of linkage on??? one coat should do it...and you shouldnt have to cure it for 2 min before you put the white on, just flash cure, when done then 2 min cure time.. then diamond shine and 2 min cure... good luck tommorrow.. Big Grin
thank you so much for your help!i will do what you said and will let you know!
yes, what she said! Did you get the pix I sent showing how to pre light? If you didn't, please email me, (my address is below) and we'll go over the steps again, plus I'll send the pix. NEVER put your client's all the way in the lamp until she feels no heat outside the lamp. If she's feeling a huge amount, it also could be you might be applying too much at one time.
I agree! I've never used TEN, but once I dropped scrubfresh all my lifting problems got MUCH better!

"Work is either fun or drudgery. I like fun!"
hello again!i finished a while ago and all i can say is that 8 out of 10 nails had lifting and mostly in the cuticle area.2 of them got ripped off cause she couldn't stand them because the lifting was more.i used cuticle remover from cnd and then prepped the nail with alchohol as you advised me.i apllied 2 coats of linkage and then a really thin coat of gel.what i have noticed is that when i applied the second coat is seemed like the gel wasn't cured because some of the gel was drugging with the brush while i was placing the second coat.i dont know how to explain it better.i then cured for 2 min and then reapplied the last coat of gel,shaped the nail and diamond shine.this time she didn't feel any kind of heat and she thought that she might was doing something wrong. Smile .i hope i won't have a problem with her you think that maybe this happened because her nails are thin ? why does this happen with scrubfresh when as a product is supposed to prep the nail prior to any product application?
I'm not an authority on Scrubfresh but I do now it's formulated to be used with CND products. There's been a lot of people who've been told to stop using it with anything other than CND. Lots of times the lifting stopped or decreased.
With out good clear pix, it's hard to say exactly what the problem is. I personally don't use a cuticle remover, I use a pencil bit to remove any skin on the nail. There could be residual cuticle remover left on. If you're going to use remover, use a scrub brush to really clean the nail afterwards of all remover.
Scrub the nail clean, then apply Linkage, are you using a brush or swab? It you're using a brush, make sure you're not getting pooling around the edges of the cuticle from too much bonder flooding the cuticle. I really don't think you need to apply more than one coat, that could be the problem, too.
The first coat of gel dragging off when you pull your brush over it means the first coat wasn't cured enough. Depending on how thickly you applied the coat of gel, it takes at least 10 seconds to cure the gel enough that you can apply another layer.
Once you've cured for 10 seonds or so, you can apply the next coat. You don't need to cure a full 2 min. til the final cure. Each coat only needs to be set for 10-12 seconds before applying another layer. That's what allows you to apply several thin layers quickly.
I'm going to finish the rest of my reply here because I got tired of fighting with the text box jumping up and down.

I don't believe the problem is because her nails are thin. I believe part of could be the different products you're using that could be interfering with proper adhesion of the gel.

With out seeing pix of the finished nail, from the side, down the barrel and from the top before you work on her and the same shots again after you've redone her nails, it's really hard to pin point if anything else might be going on.
Donna is Super Great!!!!! I have learned sooooo much from her!!! SHe is awesome... Listen to what she says... Big Grin
damn i forgot to take time if i face something like that again i will surelly take some to have a clear image of what i have to deal! Smile thank you for your help! Smile
IMO...Your culprit is most likely the cuticle remover before TEN application.
the Linkage wants to bond to the nail plate but if there is residual cuticle remover of any kind OR if there is too much water content in the nail will adhere and accept the residual first.
Thus causing lifting.
I don't know how you cleanse and dehydrate, but perhaps you could try using a cotton swab to cleanse In a "scrubbing" motion and also use a swab to " scrub" the linkage onto the nail plate.
Should see positive results ;-) ...
After I prep with a fine diamond bit and no cuticle remover of any kind I send my ladies to scrub with Dawn dish soap and a nail brush. Then I cleanse with Purify which is half acetone and half 99% alcohol then only apply one coat of Linkage. I use this same prep for acrylics and gel and never have any lifting.
If you continue to have problems, please e mail me and we will trouble shoot until we get it right.
Are your nails Tuff Enuff ??

Brenda Anderson
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Tuff Enuff Nails
Checotah, Oklahoma USA
[email protected]
When I started using ten, I used scrubfresh & that was my problem (besides getting use to gel) I dropped the scrubfresh & used purify or mixed my own acetone & 91% alcohol (couldn't find 99%) I agree with the others, I wouldn't use any type of cuticle remover or cream before application & 1 coat of linkageSmile
I know I just repeated what has been said but I was in the same boat & those steps workedSmile
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thanks for your help Smile .i already droped scrubfresh and use alchohol instead but i don't know how to prep the nails without cuticle remover.i have some clients that have very stuborn cuticles and i cannot apply gel by using only the e-file.what i do now is apply cuticle remover,and after i remove dead tissue i have my clients wash their hands ,clean with alchohol,apply linkage and the continue with the rest.i'm waiting to see the results but another problem i have is with the diamond shine.i had a client calling me and saying she had 4 nails with cracks but it wasn't all the way down to the nail.i assumed from other things i have read in the past that this thing happened because of the diamond shine.i want to replace it but can you suggest me with what?
If you're getting cracking with the Diamond Shine, it's because the nail itself is too thin and is allowing the nail to flex. Tackless sealer is very rigid and if the nail flexes then the sealer will crack. You MUST structure the nail so it won't really bend when hit head on from the tip. You'll find this to be true with pretty much any tackless sealer. I've been using it for 3 years....I had the same problem at first, once I determined what the problem was and corrected it, no more cracking.
so where i should focus more?in the stress area?how many coats of gel should i apply to make it stronger?i apply 3 now and had this many layers is it needed?
How many layers depends on how thick you make your layers. Obviously 3 isn't enough so I'd do twice that. There's no worry about them looking too thick, if you bevel the tip and blend the cuticle leaving the bulk at the stress area, the nails will like fine. View the nails from the side to make sure the contour is correct. Make sure the highest part of the nail centers over the stress area. Where the nails show cracks at will tell you what area is too thin. If the cracks are across the stress area, the problem is there. If the cracks occur on just the tip, such as a corner, the tip area is too thin.
I do have Skype now so it's possible I can help you visually now. Email me please.

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