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Mummy Tutorial finished.
1. Create the odd shaped eyes in a color for making eye bags.
2. Add the whites and outline everything, then add the black iris and light reflection dots.
3. Using a cream or white start your mummy wrapping lines.
4. overlap some lines in different directions. Less is more.
5. Out line your wrapping making sure not to over lap them all, you want them to look like they are going over or under the next piece.
6. I added eyebrows to mine, remember eye brows can enhance the expression depending on which direction you slant them. Top coat and dry.

[Image: Mummy-1-1.jpg]
Peggy you rock as always!! Thank you for your tutorial !
Thank you !
Sandra V.
OK, one more to add to the line up I'm doing right it!!
Sweet, have fun!
Love them! I think I'll do that to mine tonight. You are always so good!!
Peggy, just gotta tell you I did your Mummies today. I pulled up your tut and totally loved how they came out. Client loved 'em too! Did them over black, changed the wrapping just a teeny bit due the black b/g but they came out sooo cute!! Of course, didn't bring my good camera with me, but she's coming back in tomorrow so I can get good pix, then I'll post them.
Donna that's great. I hope to see the pics soon. I am always super excited to help show how simple some things can be. I don't want to bog the forum down with my stuff so I think I will do the tree as requested from another and include a more advanced look, broken down into simple to do steps.
For me, I see the simple shapes that make up a piece of work. I hope to show everyone the way I do a more complex look start to finish and then inspire more people to try it out. To look at the shape of something.
Just a hint for anyone wanting to practice some art work before trying it on a nail. Find a photo of what you want to create, look at the photo upside down, so you don't recognize it as a whole, them try to copy what you see, flip your own piece over and see how close you actually came to the original.
I have never had formal training, actually haven't had an art class since 1990 in high school. But if you look through my gallery link below you will see a huge range of coloful yet varied styles of work.

Moonkissed I hope you show us pics too. I put the tutorials up so everyone that wanted to could try to create a different style character. I don't mind if they are replicas or just inspired originals, I just want to get others to see they can do it. And when I do the more advanced look, it will be just as simple with a line, circle and shade. Big Grin
You guys are awesome!
They are just too cute, I love them!!!

Peggy, you are a clever ladySmile

Thanks for posting these.
Big Grin wooshka, your awesome!
Thanks for the Tutorial! I usually have to look at designs, before I can do them. I am not good at coming up with my own creative stuff. I love this and will try it! I want to do a Frankenstien guy. I saw that one is easy too!. My friend wants me to do ghosts on her for Halloween. I hope I see something before Halloween that I can draw that will resemble a ghost. LOL
Did these last night.
The kids loved them.
Great idea.
You guys are are very welcome. I am so thrilled you are trying them out! ToothyPegs, thats great. Would love to see photos if you have them.
JulieM, I would do a ghost on all white or cream nail, ooh or a sparkly or pearl white, use the same style eyes higher up and then an elongated 0 mouth, maybe even crooked. I would make a thin black wavy line at the very bottom to look like the end of a sheet. Did that even make sense lol?
here's my version of Peggy's tutorial...........

[Image: mum1.jpg]
Donna, holy crapola those are sweet! I love that black and how you left space between. Those turned out so great. Thank you so much for sharing. I hope you get a ton of people requesting them. Big Grin
Had to edit, to add, I actually like yours better than mine.
Thank you, Peggy! I couldn't have done it without you, I'm a great 'copier' but not good with coming up with original ideas of my own. Your step by step was so helpful, it made it easy. Big Grin
Peggy Thanks! For telling me how to do the ghosts, I am going to try that this week!

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