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Acrylic fumes
Recently just opened up a new salon and partnered with a very talented hair stylist that has developed allergies to Ammonia and PPD. She has found hair products that she can use, (Kevin Murphy) that make it so she can still do hair. This line has no PPD and low ammonia. Our new salon has room to accommodate another nail tech, who also uses Young Nails products. Now all of the acrylic that we use has started to make my business partner have the same allergy symptoms that she experienced from the Aveda hair color used to use. I have also had complaints from clients that the salon reeks of acrylic. I have taken steps to minimize the smell/fumes. We have valletino filters, I have started to double bag my acrylic garbage and take it out twice a day. we have ordered a air purification device that is supposed to pull fumes like formaldehyde out of the air. I don't have any idea if it will work on the acrylic fumes, but if it doesn't  work, I am screwed.I'm in a five year contract with allergy queen, and I am the cause of her outbreaks. I am contacting you to see if you might have any ideas for me so I can continue to have acrylics in my salon, without causing sensitive dermatitis reactions for others. Can you give me any pointers, or ideas? Or am I just screwed.

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