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Polygel and Hard Gel questions
1. I've seen a couple people use a gelish foundation as a base to hard gel to help with the burning sensation, does that work? Or has anyone else found something that works better? 2. Has anyone else experienced lifting with Polygel? If so what do you use to combat that?
I always use Gelish Vitagel as a base I have also used the regular foundation but nothing will help with the burning sensation. have your client tease the nail when they put it in the lamp. My clients usually put the hand in the lamp for 3 to 5 seconds pull out and let the burning go away than put back to finish curing.
I tried polygel and just cant get it right luckily it was the daughters of the owner to the salon so we can test it out but about 5 days later half of them came off. I asked around to see if I need to put a base on but nope. Someone told me its the prep before you put the polygel on.

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