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New Nail Tech
Hi, I'm brand new and just certified with so much to learn. 

If I open a salon eventually, is it ok to just offer gel or should I do acrylic too?

I want to get into nail art.   What products should I start with?  Brands, etc?  

I don't even know what to buy as far as polish, or gel etc.  I am watching youtube videos but they aren't saying much about products.  

Also, do you guys shop on Amazon and if yes, any particular stores?

Thanks so much for your attention to this. Wink
Welcome to the industry! You have a lot of questions, so let me see if I can touch on them all...
First of all, if you open a salon, you can do whatever you want to do. I have worked at places that use only acrylic, only gel, and both. When opening a salon you will have to do a market analysis, so if you determine that a gel-only salon is viable in your area, then by all means go for it!  I love acrylic but I haven't touched it in probably 12 years now and only do gels.

Nail art is a very, very broad category. And honestly I don't think there is one brand or store out there that offers every aspect of nail art. Narrowing your desires down a bit might help us recommend some things. You can check out, , and

As for polish, gel, etc - I can tell you what I like and so can anyone else, but you know what? What I like to use, you may absolutely hate to use. How you work, consistency of product, dry time of acrylic or polish, cure time of gels and gel polish....all of these differ amongst products and make one person love a product and another hate it.  Most people fresh out of school either continue to use the product that they learned on or switch to the product that whatever salon they work in uses. You can also go to your closest professional supplier and see what products they sell and would be easy for you to obtain on short notice (if you run out). I always suggest that people master a product before switching. The reason being that you cannot know how a product truly performs if you haven't mastered it. When people complain they switched products 3 months ago and their clients are always lifting and they want to switch again, I shake my head. They haven't mastered the product and switching to a new product isn't going to help them figure out what their problem actually is. If a product is on the market and has been for a long time then obviously it must work for people or else they wouldn't have a following to stay in business.
Also, seek out education. My first year in the industry, I spent a lot of money improving my skills. I took classes at Cosmoprof for the product I was using, I went to trade shows, I took a week-long advanced training course 400 miles away, I bought videos from my product manufacturer to learn how to use the product and to absorb as much information as possible.  Getting a certificate or license is great, but it is only the beginning and you still have a lot to learn! (I used CND acrylic for years and now use Young Nails gels but also love Masterworks, Light Elegance and Cuccio T3 LEV/UV gels. I am not a fan of CND gels.)

I love Amazon....but not for professional products. Diversion in the beauty industry is a half a billion dollar problem. Amazon and ebay have made buying products oh-so-easy, but no reputable supplier sells on those platforms and you cannot be sure you are not buying diverted products. When you buy diverted products, you cannot guarantee that they are real or counterfeit, that they are not expired or that the product wasn't thrown away due to some formulation problem only to be picked up by some unscrupulous retailer to sell online.  I highly suggest you read up on it and I will leave some links here.

Hope this helps, let me know if you have any questions!

Also, feel free to visit my blog at

Thank you so much Jess.  Incredibly helpful!  Heart   I will check out your blog.


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