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   We are now being charged a percentage of all of our tips that go on a credit/debit card. 
The salon has to pay a fee for credit card transactions, but now we need to pay the fee for our tips. Does anyone else need to pay this?
Unfortunately this is todays cost of doing business. Your owner is paying out of her pocket the fee.. visa, mc, amex etc don't differenciate (sp?) between services, product and tips, its a flat fee.. if you do some quick math on just your tips over the past month times 2.5%, then times that by 12, and times that by how many techs, stylists etc in the shop, i bet you come up with a hefty sum that the owner has been absorbing. If you were an independent contractor, your % of the fee may jump to as high as 4% because your total transactions are far less than the whole shop.
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