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Is anyone having the same problem. I try to keep up on all the new trends like chrome holographic etc. everyone wants it but no one wants to pay a little extra to get it. I am up to my eyeballs in product, and no takers. I run specials but I'm tired of giving my work away. Is anyone else in the same position? Thx
Yes but its me that wants to try everything . If I don't use it I sell it on eBay
I love what I do and I'm good -- I advertise, give great customer service but these people just get their hair done and that's it.
A nail tech I worked for specialized in encapsulation and had the same problem everyone loved the results but didn't want to pay the money needed to justify the time and work she put in. What she ended up doing was scaling back on product and expanding her advertising on social media to reach a broader audience. That's how I came to work with her as I was her model. She also target marketed with flyers at a local club and advertised on line even opening up to the local transgender community ( we are in the NYC NJ area so it's more of an option here than elsewhere)) who became big fans and had the disposable income. I congratulate you for being professional and keeping current if you tailor your marketing it may help you expand services if you need any ideas or have any questions feel free to reach out or message.
Thank you Nail Model 1. I will try something new. I live in a small town in Arizona (originally from NY - Staten Island). It's a western town with cowgirls/cowboys. I'm working on standing out from the plain ole plain ole! Will keep you posted.
I am sure you stand out being from Staten Island it's hard to blend like in My Cousin Vinnie! Try to market to the retirement communities that miss the ny style of high fashion nails. Look for nich markets as well I fell into my field by accident and have developed a nich market of modeling my hands for nail tech social media portfolios specializing in services for the trans community and men's gel manicures who would have thought ? Keep looking for the nich and you will find it feel free to message me if you have any questions or wish to discuss marketing ideas related to social media to get your services out there Instagram Facebook and twitter work great for the techs I work for.

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