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Help: Youngnails Acrylic Users
I'm wanting to try out Youngnails products, but i can not find ANYWHERE swatches of the core, speed and cover powders.. I don't want to just buy them without knowing what the colours look like, and then possibly never use them again.

I'm hoping someone that uses Youngnails may have some swatches that they could send me photos of.

The colours i'm wanting to see are.........

- From the core:
French Pink
XXX Pink
XXX White

- From the cover:

- From the speed:
Frosted Pink

If anyone has these colours that they could make a quick swatch of on a clear nail tip or similar i would appreciate it SOOOOO very much!
I will see what I have and if I'm slow this week
Thanks, i need to make an order in the next couple of days. I've almost ran out of the current brand i use
I took a pic on each container I have. Sent me your email address unless you know how to post a pic here
My email is [email protected]


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