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independent contractor issues
I'm a nail rookie. I just finished school last year in October and began working in a popular salon near my city. Right now i am working on bettering my craft so inside of the salon, i don't do nails yet, only manis, pedis, polish change, gel, and fill ins. Im going to just jump right into my issue.
The woman who hired me as an IC has a husband who works there too (vietnamese people) and i have an issue with him. He is constantly bossing me around, telling me what to do and when to do it. For months i just do what he says and resista the urge to remind him that i am an independent contractor and he cannot tell me what to do. Well yesterday was the final straw for me. He did his client's nails and throw her off to me telling me to change the polish on her toes. I did but was furious that he would throw his client off just to rush outside and chain smoke cancer sticks. I went off to lunch when i finished with her and as soon as i come through the door, he's telling me who needs what before i can even put my things down. Well i let loose. "You can't tell me what to do." He asked me what was wrong and i politely told him that he was my problem and to leave me alone as i work really hard attending to customers all day, i don't need him to tell me what i already know. He says he has a business to run and he tells me what to do and I'm supposed to just do it. I then reminded him that i am an IC and there are laws to protect my defense. He goes on to say that there are laws that protect them too. Like huh? He makes no sense. He called me a liar in whichvi called him another lie. He told me if i don't like it to leave in which i responded that I'm not going anywhere as his wife is the one who hired me, not him. I spoke with his wife and she says for him and i to work it out to come to common ground. But I'm afraid it isn't going to work as he believes he is right. And he still tried to tell me what to do after the fact. I am so livid idk what to do. I love my job and the clients even more. We are so short staffed and i know if I leave the salon with suffer. But he makes it hard for me by wanting to feel like he is my boss. He has fired other girls for not coming in but they were IC too so feel they were taken advantage of, forgetting the laws of an IC. He was going to try and fire me over the law. But when i talked with his wife, she said i don't need to bring in the laws and for us to work it out. I feel we will never come to common ground because he was still trying to boss me around and i am feeling furious. What should i do?
I would find another shop. Just another NSS.
I agree, find another shop! You'll be happier in the long run!

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