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Opening Salon
Hi there!

I am in the planning stages of opening my own salon and looking for feedback from someone who went through the process. I've read the threads on here but they stopped short before opening and didn't provide updates.

I plan on having 10 pedi chairs, 16-20 mani stations, and 3 rooms to rent out. I have a little less than $100K to invest and want to know if I should start big or start small; start with cheaper furniture or go all out.

I also need recommendations on suppliers/wholesalers/etc. and hiring and retaining staff.

Feel free to PM me.
An early congratulations to you! It can often cost more than anticipated, so always best to start small and grow as business trends dictate. Your equipment (stations), tools, products, and services all help to create value and help to support your pricing. If your equipment does not directly add value to the service (other than looking pretty) see if you can save a bit of money there while still creating the atmosphere you are looking for.

I always suggest using your local suppliers, and not purchasing online. The brick and mortar stores can provide terms on accounts sometimes not extended by online companies. They also will have your in-store classes and often have special buys and deals. Most importantly, it is just nice to be able to have a store you can run into when you need product. If we don't support them they close up and suddenly we are restricted to online ordering only.

If you are a nail tech or simply an investor, it might be wise to bring on a manger who has experience in hiring and managing. There is certainly a skill involved in dealing with employee relations. Also, you will want someone who is aware of the legal aspect of contracts and also labor and tax laws.

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