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Opening Our Own Barber Shop
I'm Dillon and I'm a hair stylist/barber. I've got all the relevant qualifications and have decent experience working in a few different shops. It's now time to make the progression from working for someone else, to working for myself. I will however have my friend as a partner in the business which makes things a little easier and less daunting. We are still looking for a shop but are well underway planning the design and layout, we have started to purchase some of the equipment we'll need and have prepared a proper budget plan. It's an exciting time and something I've always wanted to do, even though its scary entering uncharted territory.
Are there any salon/barber owners here that have any good suggestions on how to layout the reception area and front of house? We want it to look quirky, but not over the top and everything has to be practical. Comfortable seating in the waiting area and a nice reception desk are a must.
Something we are keen on doing in our shop, is bringing back a bit of vintage as everything seems to be going that way now and more people really like the vintage style. Its a fine line though between vintage/retro looking and just plain old though. I think the overall feel has to be fresh but pay homage to the past. Something that's going to be essential is proper, used old antique style, barbers chairs. We are currently having a look at some used barbers chairs online. They cost a pretty penny but it will be worthwhile the investment. I think getting a few different styles rather than all matching, would also look super cool.
I dont remember if AWB had this or not, but could one make it such that not only can you see who posted last in a forum, but also what topic that post was in?

What was posted in is more important than who posted it IMO...

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