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Gelish vs. Shellac Basecoat & Topcoat
Does anyone feel Gelish basecoat is thick right out of the gate? I use mostly Gelish but have tried Shellac and have found in my experience that the Gelish basecoat is super thick and gummy(thus making it somewhat challenging to apply thinly). The topcoat is thinner and in my opinion and excellent user friendly consistency. With the Shellac is exactly the opposite- the basecoat is thinner and applies easier and the topcoat is thicker. In general I don't use Shellac due to the size of the bottles for the price as well as how quickly the product gets thick from air and light exposure. What are Gelish users opinion on this.
Gelish base coat is meant to be "scrubbed in" to the nail. Put a tiny bit on the nail and rub it back and forth with the stiff bristles of the brush. That's the only way to get it super thin
I do "scrub" it in and use as little as possible. When I go back and forth it is sometimes hard to get it close to the cuticle and sidewalls without swiping them with what's on the brush. I wipe both sides of the brush twice on the edge of the bottle to make sure there is not a lot on the brush. I have been using this product for years now and it is far superior to Shellac(in my opinion) but am thinking about switching-I really dislike working with thick gummy product. Any other thoughts??
What I like to do is clean off the base coat brush very well. I swipe as mucg product as I can off the stem, then I wipe the brush maybe 4-6 times, then I dab a drop of product onto all 5 nails. I take a separate gel brush and scrub in that drop of product. Sometimes I'll keep some basecoat on a separate palette and just take product from there using a separate gel brush
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I always found the Gelish products a bit of a pain in the a$$ fav is Akzentz luxio, Tammy Taylor has a new gel polish line that's really good, at my job we use Shellac and that is good also.
I've found that if I paint gelish base normally without trying to get it super thin it last just as well. It's easier if you swap out the brush. The brush does make it hard to get close to the cuticles, and gets way too much product on the nails. I do cure it longer than 5 seconds. I can't paint that fast anyways.

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