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qualified and clueless!!
Hi everyone, i qualified in a level 2 nail tech at college about 8yrs ago and didnt do to much with it as was not confident enough,i practised for a few months after but kept getting early lifting and a few nails would always fall of after a few days, so i gave up. My tutor was useless and when we asked her about the lifting she said wel it could be loads of diff reasons so i dont know really!! any who i really want to start up again.... but being realistic, can i get better through just practice and advice from others and vids etc and what products are best without breaking the bank and finally where do people get there products, i was using capital hair ad beauty but not a big range tbh. any hep would be much appreciated, tia x
well there are a number of reasons, yes, but the major one is insufficient prep or touching the skin with product. liquid and powder mix ratio is another one. I have a blog that might help here:
I haven't posted the enhancement lifting post yet but it's being written Smile
thank you, i will have a look in a bit, can i ask what products you use or like and where you get your products from please. tia x
the thing with product brands is that one person could love a brand and another person could. hate working with it. the beat thing to do is try put so. e products -most manufacturers have trial kits - and see which one you like. I personally prefer Young Nails or CND but have used entity and EZ flow and like them as well. I have Tammy Taylor and OPI. but these are just my preferences. you may find d you are the opposite or like something else altogether

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