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gel polish
Help!!! My gel polish is not working right...I follow the directions to a tee, but it always bubbles up. I use maniQ.... think id like to switch??? Gelish or OPI???? Thanks!
Are you using LED or UV lamp? Make sure your bulbs are replaced for UV or that your placement is correct for LED. Also make sure your coats are very thin. Too much product will bubble.. I use Gelish it is my favorite, I do use OPI when I like specific colors though.
If you get wrinkles or bubbles possibly the way you describe -it's probably to thick of an application
Thanks!!! I've been experimenting much better.... I like the gelish...
When you use the opi do you use the gelish base and top coats?
Make sure you are using the appropriate lamp and applying the Mani Q thinly. I love the Mani Q formula and only ever had issues with one of the yellows. In my experience, they have one of the few formulas that don't bubble even when applied thickly
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