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Some guidance required pleeeeeese!

Good evening and a wonderful new year to you all.

I want to use UV or LED cured gel polish and therefore i am looking to buy a UV or LED device, but I am very unsure what is good or bad, please could you share some of your experience or recommendation for such a device.

Best Regards



Uv or LED will not cure nail polish. UV or LED will cure gel polish.
Exactly! I need UV or Led for gel polish but I don't know what is good. Could you help me with your experience?
Hi Maria, I suggest you look into what's beneficial about the UV or LED to help you make this decision. Good luck!
I prefer Led, but I don't know which brand is better, to be not so cheap or expensive. I'm looking for automatic LED with hand sensor.
It's like an open ended question - I love Akzentz luxio - but the next nail tech reply will say IBD just gel is best. It's a trial and error choice.
Unfortunately - I thought I loved GELISH-nope too runny...OPI gelcolor - I think shrinks back....but that's my experience. ..someone else LOVE these's a personal choice.
Sorry, I think my question was a little confusing, I am looking for Lamps not the actual Gel.

I have seen there are different types of machines such as

OPI Studio Led
Harmony Gelish 18G LED

and this one

I am lost which is good or toy.

I like the old OPI Led lamp ,the black one
Do you know exactly which model is it? Name of the model or serial number?
Model no #gc900 the first Opi led lamp
Hi Maria,
It is best to use the light that is recommended by your gel polish brand. The gels are formulated very specific to the lights, so using another brand of light may not give you the best results. You run the risk of gel not being fully cured, possibly risking overexposure issues as well as many other issues like chipping, cracking and peeling gel.
Hope this helps you make a decision.
Light Elegance Educator
Thank you very much!!!

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