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3 eyed Monster nails. *Colleen :)*
Special request tutorial on a 3 eyed sweet heart.
1. on your color of choice put your eye color down in 3 different sizes, or shapes.
2. Outline with a darker color than the eye, I chose black for the tutorial, and add the iris in black, keep with the shape of the eyes.
3. Add a lavender, or gray line under the eye for a 3D effect. and use a striping brush or paint pen to add the slanted mouth line.
4. Make the end fangs with your white paint or polish or paint pen.
5. add the 4 inner pointed or rounded teeth, and fill them all in with white. Make them odd shapes or long and short for a different look. ( make the teeth a little thicker than you really want so you can see the shade color when you add it.
6. add the lavender or gray shade 3D lines to the same side of each tooth overlapping the white of the tooth ( as you made it wide enough to fit the shade line on the white itself)
7. Outline only the whites of the teeth that are left so you can see the shaded color left behind. And put white light reflection dots in each eye and underline just a small section of the shaded area with the black.. Big Grin

[Image: alientutorial-1.jpg]
AHHHHHHH!!!! He's awesome Peggy! You should post the pic of the original. You did a fabulous job! Thanks!!

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