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Trouble with RPM efile
I have an RPM e file, I think the model number is E-71LE but it's hard to read, its the style that looks like a retro telephone, and I have the ergo-slim hand piece . I've had it for about 5 years with no problems. I let a Co-worker use it the other day and I don't know what she did but now the "chuck" (i think that's the right name) is so tight I can't insert a new bit. It visably doesn't open up like it should when you twist it. I had to use a pair of pliers to pull out the bit she was using. Does anyone have any idea how to fix this? Sad my arm is dying after a couple days of hand filing...
I have the same e-file. Your co-worker may have opened it up at the nose thinking that was how to change the bit. Here's a link for the repair service:

I've never had to use the repair service, but from all accounts they're very good and fast.

When I first bought mine, a couple nights after I had a dream (I know, right?) that I dropped the handpiece and broke it. Freakin' nightmare! The next morning I called and bought a spare.
Oh, one other thing. Your co-worker definitely without a doubt needs to foot the bill. It worked before she used it, now it doesn't.

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