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Gelish problems
Hello I am having a hard time with my gelish drying dull at the end of the service when I wipe the dispersion layer, sometimes the colours don't adhere to the foundation and then it all wipes off, it seems to be the same clients this happens with and then with others no problems at all.
are you using led or uv?
gelish 18g
Make sure hand is positioned correct? Try using a UV light and see if that makes a difference - perhaps your light is on the blink.
I thought this lamp would last more than 2 years.
It definitely sounds like a curing issue. Check the hand placement on those clients. On the bottom tray of the 18g there is a little bar. The clients nails should not go past that bar. Do you notice that it happens on clients with longer fingers or nails? Or just on the middle finger? That's a clue.
With a traditional CFL UV light the hand placement is not as important because they produce ambient light. LED lights are more like a spotlight, so the placement is much more important.

I hope this helps!

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