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OPI N.A.S. 99 just rubbing alcohol??
So ive always skipped this step in doing my acrylics but ive had problems lifting. I decided to buy some and after I got home I read the ingredients. Isopropyl alcohol. Thats it. Seriously? Did I spend 5 bucks on something I could have gotten 10 times the amount for the same price? Or is there something about it that is actually different.
I don't know what the N A S stands for, but the 99 means 99% (isopropyl alcohol). Did you get it in the spray bottle? The spray bottle is nice.
Pretty much N.A.S is expensive 99% rubbing alcohol. And while it can be harder to find several suppliers can get it or have it in stock. So you can save money by getting 99% rubbing ( isopropyl ) alcohol. Try your local walgreens or walmart, as Sallys only has 70% ( which I do use for tacky layer removal) not good for prep work. I use an acetone Alcohol mix for that.
I have 97% alcohol, I think it is--I have wondered about adding some acetone to it for the prepping-how much acetone do you add to the alcohol?
I usually use 60:40 alcohol to acetone. But it could be 50:50.
Cool! I am going to try that tomorrow--I have been using alcohol, then young living scrub fresh stuff, then a dehydrator--or sometimes just the alcohol and a dehydrator, just depends on how much time i have and how it looks, LOL--I was always a but afraid to use any acetone as a prep, cuz i thought the acetone might break the product down, but then it wouldn't, cuz it would be evaporated already, right??
Yep, Big Grin It'll evaporate off the nail plate and won't harm the product. Just like using scrub fresh which is a combo of alcohol and acetone as well. I just don't know their mix. Some techs use just acetone to prep without alcohol use.
Thank you! The acetone/mix would actually be stronger and dehydrate better than just the alcohol, wouldn't it? then you wouldn't need to apply another brush on dehydrator either, right? tho, it wouldn't hurt to do so i suppose..
I personal don't use a second dehydrator after wiping with the alcohol acetone, I go on to primer. Big Grin
Thank you!!!
btw, do you ever use an acid primer, then use a protein bond over it? i wonder if they would cancel each other out, or be mega strong bond for problem lifters?
I think if you get something wonderful or linkage you would just stick with them and not use another primer with it.
I have been wondering about the something wonderful primer--is it as good as linkage?
there's nothing as strong as Linkage...... Smile
N.A.S.99 is 99% alcohol and0.01% thymol.

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