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I did bad nails on purpose
Okay so I am newer to the nail world (about a year) and I work in a nicer salon where most of the other techs have 4-10 years experience. I am a booth renter. Now I had a brand new client that the salon booked for me one day. It was a holiday so there was only like four people in the salon working that day, and we are all kinda separated throughout the building. So this client was just plain rude and disrespectful about everything from the moment she sat in my chair(she even stated that her chair was uncomfortable and made a somewhat snide remark about how the salon was not busy) Some people are just a little more uppity than my liking but I kept my mouth shut and put on the sweet act. She came in for a gel polish removal and new application. She also had three broken nails, the kind that just need time to grow back out. But she wanted her other nails to remain long and squared. Okay. Three of her nails could not be squared. I cleaned her nails and cuticles up, shaped the tiny free edge what I could. I told her all of this. She said it was okay. Now while doing this, she's taking and telling me about how she just moved here and is living with her friend and is pretty much trash talking about her; she then continues to bad mouth her hairstylist and how he didn't add enough pink to her hair even though she did ask for subtle so she wouldn't get in trouble at her work (not at our salon). She just continued about a lot of things that she did not like about this town and people. She also made a point how she was a yelper and she gave him and others a bad review. Okay everyone needs to rant but I felt she was just being a little too critical. I get it tho. But come to find out this friend comes into the salon and is my next client! This friend brought her coffee and food, which she starts enjoying while I am doing her nails. This client then is just ranting and raving how great this friend is. It rubbed me the wrong way with how two faced she was being. I finish prepping her nails and dehydrated the nails for the gel. I'm someone who asks thirty times after each step of doing nails if they are to the client's liking. To this point she said yes. I put on my base and first layer of polish. As I'm applying her second coat (the gel polish i was using requires about 3-4 coats) and she is putting it in the light, she suddenly snaps at me if I was going to take care of her cuticles. Um I already did? Remember I asked you five minutes ago. At this point I was done with this girl and her attitude and wanted her out of my chair. I did not want her as a client. She was just not my type of client. I told her I'll retouch them up again for her after her hand cured since she already stuck it in the light. I did not care for her or her nails any longer. I know it was unprofessional of me but I slapped on her third coat and put a top coat. I'm sure she could tell I was done with her but she didn't say a word about it. Now I know it was not my neatest work and I could have cleaned it up for smoother lines but like I said I no longer cared for her. I applied cuticle oil, and gave her a lotion massage. I took five dollars off her total because I know it was not my best polish job. She paid( no tip, which didn't surprise me), I recommended she get them done in two weeks(I made a subtle hint to go elsewhere) depending on wear, and she left without a word. Now I know I deserved it in a way but she yelped me and gave me a downright horrid review. Should I contact her and refund her even though she is a horrid person? Or should I just wait for the owner to see the review, and get in trouble- while trying to explain my side; and I do admit I did not handle the situation in the best manner.
Are you kidding me? DO NOT GIVE HER A DIME OR ANY MORE OF YOUR ENERGY! You may want to respond to here review with - " I always do my best to make people feel good when the come for a visit, but unfortunately some people are happiest when they are miserable"

And leave it at that!
Yepper, what GelPro said! Those are the kind of clients you really want to steer clear of. They're not worth it.
I understand your frustration , i have been a nail pro since 1986, and have had my share of rude customers. My advice to you is ..take the utmost pride in your work. you cant change people.. but you can always stand behind your dedication to your profession.
There is no such thing as " my kind of client"..
Every client is an opportunity to build your business . you need to remember 3 things...Facts , Features ,and Benefits...I learned this from being an educator for OPI for over 5 years..
Tell them each step you are doing (facts) , tell them why ( features) , and the results,( benefits). Know your products , talk to them.. you will never be in that situation again.

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