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best uv gel polish
hi have just qualified as a uv gel polish technician there are so many uv gel polish brands to choose from any advice would be much appreciated i trained using harmony gelish polish
Best to master one'll get mixed answers.
Then there's the great debate about the Gel light your using. . . If you try IBD just gel it's best to use IBD lamp, if you use Shellac you should use CND lamp, and so on.... each gel has its negatives and positive points - and ppl will like things differently - it's a hard question to answer - I like Shellac - however HATE the fact they gave limited colors and barely any glitter - hate it's the same price for a smaller bottle. . .love Akzentz - but wish it was as convenient to go to Cosmoprof and purchase. Gelish is runny to me, OPI shrinks to me....but they both have awesome colors and glitter. . . You'll get a mix bag of answers. Good luck!
I use Enitity, Gelish and Nobility. I love all 3 brands but Entity is my favorite. Great selection of colors. I use Entity's base and top coat for the other 2 brands also. I don't care for CND or OPI at all.
April, Nails by April

Out of the few that I have tried my favorite so far is Gelish, but I am not done trying out different brands. I tried IBD's and found it to be thin and streaky. I can't remember right now the name of the brand that I tried that was too thick, maybe I will repost if I remember.

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