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what are the discount salons using
I have had clients come in that want to soak off the " acrylic" on their nails from a discount salon for a new set... I am baffled by the fact that whatever is on their nails doesnt want to dissolve with acetone. what is being applied that doesnt dissolve with acetone?
They are using a mixture of something (like MMA, which is I think illegal) and I think they usually file off and yank off, which when done improperly causes damage. I don't do acrylic, but do shellac and I used to start charging anyone for taking off their shellac they did not get done with me/us. Usually it takes longer and more frustrating and I honestly hate doing it, because it NEVER comes off easy or quick. After several incidents where it took longer than usual, we stopped taking it off from other "discount" salons. The customer unfortunately has no idea what they have on their nails, so they think it's easy peasy to get off. To lessen your frustration start charging clients for your time to take off someone else's product and try and educate people that cheap and quick isn't always the best way to go. Good luck.
You can report to stateboard if find out some salon still use MMA liquid .
But not all the "discount salon" use the same thing.
Maybe it's hard gels - that won't soak off.
(12-18-2015, 12:18 AM)[email protected] Wrote: Maybe it's hard gels - that won't soak off.

I agree ,it could be hard gel. Sometimes it is best ,if possible ,to work with what they already have ,and avoid the "soak off situation" dilemna...
State Board does nothing. If they did, they would all be out of business.

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