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Employee or contractor? Nail tech
I recently started a new nail tech job in a salon in Michigan and I was hired being told I would get 60% commision no hourly wage. Bosses make my schedule and tell me what to do. I'm also pregnant right now 8months and they are aware and I said I wanted to start my hours lower and get my body used to working again and they said it was fine. My first week we were really busy and I made more then minimum wage. The second week I did okay but now we're slower and after working 40+ hours last week I made 200$ and that included my credit card tips. :| I had personal issues going on this week and I came in late a couple of days and today my boss got mad at me and sort of threatened to let me go if I kept coming in Late. I know we were not busy during the times I was late and I would have been sitting there with no clients anyway. I've been reading that I should be payed minimum wage if I'm not making it in commision but I'm scared to even ask. They expect me to pay my own taxes and don't pay me if there is no customers. When it is busy I make a lot of money but lately the last few weeks I've been making way way less then minimum wage for my hours worked... How do I talk to them about me being a employee or contractor without making them mad... They are the type of people who are always right and are extremely hard to talk to about stuff like this. They are new business owners having just bought the salon recently and already I've noticed they have very very poor management ethics. I've tried mentioning some things they have done that have bothered me but they don't understand at all where I'm coming from (they come to me while I'm working on a client and tell me with the client listening either something they think I'm doing wrong in a unprofessional way or about a mistake I made yesterday which then makes the client feel weird and makes me feel weird for one example or they even tell me I need to clean up messes that aren't mine which I think is extremely weird but that's a whole different
story) I'm worried I'm going to bring the wage thing up to them and they will tell me I'm wrong bc 99.999% of the time anything I ever say is wrong to them. Besides the boss/employer issues I like them as people it's just they literally are the worst bosses I've ever had....
This website can help answer your question on contractor versus employee. It's a great website for info for employees and owners. Wouldn't hurt to give your bosses the info too.

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