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Hard Gel Over Gel Polish Question
Hi ,have any of you ever put clear hard gel over gel polish to keep hairdressers who wear light polish ,or french from discoloring from use of hair color ? Did it work ,and if not any tips on keeping your hairdresser clients nail color from staining so badly ? Thanks in advance for any help ! Smile
No it doesn't work the polish cracks under it .i have not found anything yet just gloves for them
Yes, I was afraid that was the case...Sad
Ive discovered if you use a very strong soak off base gel like Bio Sculpture for example, you can do a flexible hard gel layer on top of the color with no cracks.
Scotch Tape & Rhinestones
NYC Based Nail Artist
Interesting...and no more staining ?
The polish needs to be 100% dry - as in polish them one day and then put the gel on 24 hours later. If the polish i completely dry, the gel wont crack.

Polish takes upwards of 8 hours to completely dry. Even if you use a fast dry top coat or can put your nails in your pocket, they are NOT completely dry until you can no longer smell the polish solvents in the nail.
Depending on the hairstylist, there is sometimes minimal staining at the tips. Definitely not as bad as regular gel topcoat alone.
Scotch Tape & Rhinestones
NYC Based Nail Artist
I use this technique all of the time. I have absolutely no problems at all. If you are using it over a gel polish, the polish is dry once it's cured. So there isn't a problem putting the gel right over the gel polish. I use Masterfill from Masterworks by Amy Becker and have never experienced any cracking or peeling.

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