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Transferring FL lic to NC
Has anyone figured out a way to do this? NC won't recognize my FL license and when I emailed the NC state board they recommend I apply to another state who does have reciprocity and go about it that way but they don't say what state to go through. Obviously it can be done. Just wondering if anyone else has blazed this trail before me. It can be costly trying to apply to the states where they 'might' allow it. Been out of the game awhile. Excited to get back at it!
I'm not quite sure. I know some states won't take your license if the hours for education are less than what that state requires. I think what you need to do is find out what states do qualify for with NC and then see out of those states if any will take your Fl license. Also, you may need to have an address in that state to get a license there Sad.
I found this link
I would start looking at these states: Alaska, Arkansas, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Texas, or West Virginia
I'm working on it! I sure appreciate your reply. A "hip" way to have hair without wearing a wig!

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