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customer service
Hi there, I am a newbie. I enjoy doing nails, however, I am a pretty quiet person, who don't like to talk much. But after doing nails for a year I realize that talking to client is a must during service to have them coming back to you (beside being skillful). But I don't know what to say beside asking question like how are you, family, any children. I don't know how to establish an ongoing conversation and not be in akward silence. Please advise.
I talk a little about myself - and ask lots of question - have to balance sharing top much, but develop a personal relationship with them at the same time - I find that clients like to know what's going on in my life too
ask questions about themselves, home, hobby, reading, favorite show, career, grandchildren, dogs, pets, vacation,
keep little notes on their card and then you will remember to ask how there grandchilds birthday party went, or there dog buddy, is he still chewing,

I also watch the new to keep up on current affairs, I repeat the same thing all day long.

people love to talk about their dogs, grandchildren, hobbies, get them talking about that and your laughing
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Thanks guy
You can also ask if it's a new customer or someone you haven't seen in awhile; "what brings you here today" or "do you have a special event". Customers more times than not like to chat about what is going on in their lives and will ask you questions. You can answer them but try and bring the conversation back to them. Over time it is hard not to develop close relationships with some of your customers who will know a lot about you and your family. Funny events are good to chat about, customers don't want to hear about our crap (kids, family, money, etc). Big tip - you should read your audience. If during a pedicure someone is reading or just sitting there with their eyes closed, they DON'T want to chat. I have a co-worker who is kind of oblivious to this, which is frustrating. I personally don't want to chat when I go get a service done somewhere. If you feel it's an awkward silence, try in the beginning of the service to ask a question that they can't answer yes or no to. "How was your week at work"? "Big plans for the weekend"? Usually that'll get them going. Good luck! Be careful what you wish for, I'd wish half of my clients would sit in silence! Wink
Previous posts are all great topics. But you could also talk to your client about their nails. Tell them what you're doing and why. Let them know what products they should be using at home.
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Some of the best advice I ever got when I was a newbie was to watch (or record) the late night talk show hosts monologs. There's always something hilarious. Watch Comedy Central, pick up jokes. Everyone has at least some sense of humor. Watch YouTube videos and have your tablet of phone ready to share good ones. Avoid subjects like politics and religion until you know your clients REALLY well. If you like to read, talk about books. I have a small bookshelf in my shop for a lending library. Some people love to cook, ask them for ideas for dinner, share recipes. That's probably the easiest conversation fodder, since we all gotta eat! Ask if they tried that new coffee shop or restaurant in town. Find out what they like to watch on tv, movies, etc. Most of my clients are huge NHL and NFL fans like me, so during the fall and winter we never run out of things to talk about. Do you sew or knit or paint? Find out if they do too.

Most of my clients I've had for 10+ years. They ALL have become my dear friends. Sometimes my biggest problem is talking too much, and since I tend to make eye contact and talk with my hands, that means I sometimes run overtime on appointments. But since most of my clients know each other, the shop turns into party central.
Just ask questions and find a common interest and you'll be off and running. Good luck!

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