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Q... CA new code requiring tongs disinfected tool retrieval
(5) Licensees or students shall wear protective gloves or use tongs when removing tools from the disinfectant.
I have not heard form the board regarding my questions........
I have a disinfecting jar that lifts tools above the level of the solution so I don’t touch other tools, only the tools I am going to use on the client, I'd be handling them anyway...
and my fingers do not touch the solution in the jar
if the purpose of “tongs” (would have to be stainless or some metal that will not corrode in disinfecting solution)
is to keep from touching other tools and keep our hands out of the solution, I achieve that without tongs.
and there are surgical disinfecting solution trays that also accomplish this (though, in my opinion they are too “open” allowing airborne hair and lint and nail dust to enter the large open container, not a condition in a medical environment, but the condition in a salon)

2nd Q is... the tongs/tweezers used to take tools from Disinfecting Solution container.... need to be cleaned/disinfected(?) on purchase, then once used do they need to be disinfected each time ( after taking out set of tools for a service)?
we'd touch the handle end, but does the tip need to be disinfected again?
how are tongs/tweezers to be stored? How is that container to be labeled?
Clean? Disinfected?

and if they are to be disinfected, do we need to use disinfected tongs to remove them from the Disinfecting Solution? so I need tongs to remove tongs to remove tongs?

sadly, our most recent inspectors... not of the working-together-for the benefit of all kind, more like, write some stuff up... (even when wrong) then months of arguing with the board over it, then the capitulate, saying not, "sorry" but, "we'll let you off this time"
I keep waiting for this to blow up....


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